Many professions were critical to Furnace Town in the early nineteenth century, not only to operate the furnace, but to support a thriving community. Each one played a unique and important role in the success of the village.

The storekeeper also served as the banker and the postmaster. Ladies in the town took their risen yeast bread to the baker, who baked it in turn for a share. The wheelwright made and repaired the wheels on many of the carts and wagons at Furnace Town. The potter made plates, storage jars and jugs.

Today artisans in period dress help us better understand the past as they interpret several nineteenth century professions which provided needed goods and services to Furnace Town.

The artisans at Furnace Town make several handcrafted items, which are for sale in our Museum Gift Shop.

Each of these items is made using historic methods and many on original machinery from the nineteenth century. The wares are unique, reasonably priced, and make great gifts!

Many of the artisans also do custom work. If you have a project that you would like one of our artisans to make for you, please contact Furnace Town via email or stop by to talk to our artisans to discuss feasibility and pricing.