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Kassie Jones Blakelock
Gift Shop Associate

A native of Snow Hill, Kassie can be found in the Visitor Center Gift Shop in the summertime, chatting with customers with a quick smile, loud laugh, and friendly advice on where to visit while you explore the Eastern Shore. Kassie spends the school year as an Educational Assistant at Worcester Technical High School in the special education department. She also coaches three seasons of Special Olympics each year. Kassie’s husband Bear, and their three teenagers help out at Furnace Town when extra hands are needed for the growth of the historic village.

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Sarah Campbell
Education & Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah is responsible for all of Furnace Town’s education programs, which includes scheduling and managing all school tours, designing and coordinating the Day Camps, and assisting with the Folk School. She is also responsible for our volunteers. Sarah is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. Sarah is very interested in the history of Furnace Town, and eager to work on new projects that enhance to story of Furnace Town. Sarah is also a Civil War reenactor and lives in Berlin with her husband Wayne and daughter Paisley.

Heather Joslin
Broom Maker

Heather worked at Furnace Town a couple of decades ago and we’re glad to have her back. She works in the Wicomico County school system and works at Furnace Town on weekends or during the summer months. Her signature broom is a beautiful whisk or hearth broom with a long plaited handle – we can’t keep them in stock! Heather’s son, Grant, is working on the rebuild of the stage at the base of the furnace for his Eagle Scout Service Project.

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Caroline Merrill
Outreach Assistant

Carolyn is one of our consignment artisans in crocheted items. She provides Furnace Town with adorable crocheted animals, baby clothing, hats, and place mats – all of which always sell out. Carolyn also helps out during events, and helps keep things running smoothly at weddings. Carolyn and Sidney are husband and wife and just celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary!

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Sidney Merrill

Sidney is always quick with a smile, story or joke. Visitors, when they stop by the garden, are given a guided tour of the garden and sometimes have the privilege of wearing a yoke to carry water. Sidney’s garden features the vegetables, herbs and spices grown in the mid-nineteenth century. Sidney also serves as a docent for the schoolhouse with his garden right next door. He is also a great help around the village tending to the grass, cleaning buildings, and trimming bushes and shrubs. Sidney is a former fire chief of Princess Anne, and also owned a butcher shop in Princess Anne.

Terry Pazmino

Terry recently joined the team after visiting our booth at the Ocean Pines Artisan & Farmers Market. She has been putting our spinning wheels to good use, spinning yarn from some our Texel, Leicester, Merino, and Icelandic wool. Terry also works with ceramics and might spend some time as an interpreter for pottery and ceramics. In 2018, Terry will be teaching spinning and ceramics classes in the Folk School.

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Raye Simpson
Schoolteacher - Volunteer

Raye is a soon to be retired schoolteacher in Worcester County. She helps out in April, May, and
June during school tour season. During the summer months she was our storyteller in the Mt. Zion one room schoolhouse. As an educator, Raye is great with the children and helps bring the schoolhouse to life with her stories and as the schoolteacher.

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Ann Smith
Broom Maker

Ann Redfield Smith is a retired Worcester County educator who has been with Furnace Town for several years. She is especially helpful in designing lesson plans for the Folk School, sharing Furnace Town's past successes, and suggesting new life for Furnace Town. Ann is a Master Broom Maker whose brooms are some of the finest in the USA. During the season, she makes brooms each Monday, teaches our broom classes, and creates felted wool Soap Stones found in the Gift Shop. With her husband Richard, Ann lives in Princess Anne where she serves on the Somerset County Library Board, rings English Change Ringing bells, reads, sews, and enjoys being a grandmother.

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Grace Tartaglia
Administrative Assistant

Grace was born and raised in New Jersey and attended Rider College in Lawrenceville, NJ. After a 40 year career in real estate and raising three children, she and her husband, Mike, retired to Snow Hill.  Retirement did not agree with her and after visiting Furnace Town she fell in love with the staff and peaceful village nestled in the forest. Over the years (almost 10) the Weave House has become her second home, and she has become a Master Weaver.  She enjoys watching her projects progress and turn into works of art, especially the shawls – a lot of love goes into every piece she make.