Paul Leifer Nature Trail

Explore the Nassawango Cypress Swamp

The Paul Leifer Nature Trail will lead you through the Pocomoke Forest on a moderately-paced walk (1 hour) along a figure-eight trail with boardwalks over the Nassawango Cypress Swamp. A rout around the bottom of the "8" (1/2 hour) will give a taste of the swamp with no boardwalks. The forest trees and undergrowth, nature's cleaning system, abound with plant and animal life.

The trail parallels the canal used to transport shells harvested from the Chesapeake Bay up the Pocomoke River and then up Nassawango Creek to a lock created by the furnace owners. Workers pulled the barges up and down the 1 mile canal several times a day. Workers dug the canal twenty feet wide and eight feet deep wide to accommodate the 20 foot long barges full of shells or iron headed to ports along the East coast.